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U2; the Fourth Richest Band in The World

Dropping down from the charts is not something that U2 should be happy about. The latest Forbes list of top 25 highest paid musicians of 2012 reveals that the Dublin rockers are in No 4 spot. They were at No 1 spot last year but unfortunately, this year their position has dropped.

The combined earning of U2 is 78 million dollars that they earned from their 3 year 360 tour. This year, the top spot is occupied by rap artist Dr Dre. 47 years old Dre became the leading names in the world of rap and hip-hop in the beginning of 90’s. He has worked with some eminent personalities like Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

Apart from his wide-ranging back catalog, 47 years old Dre’s profitable headphones business eats by Dre allowed him earn 100 million dollars according to Forbes. The top 10 position of the list is dominated by veteran musicians like bassist and singer Roger Waters who occupied No 2 spot, British singer Elton John No 3 with 80 million dollars.

British five piece vocal pop group “Take That” is in the 5th spot with 69 million dollars that they earned from a eight date tour at London. It is one of the highest grossing single stadium tour till date. Forbes has compiled the list by evaluating artist’s earnings from the live shows, music sales, merchandise and several endorsements.

At the beginning of this year, Dutch DJ Tiesto was recognized as the highest paid DJ in this music industry. The only two artists who break the top 10 within a short time are 22 years old Taylor Swift  with a earning of 57 million dollars and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber with a earning of 55 million dollars.
Britney Spears is in the 7th spot with a earning of 58 million dollars. Her earning is comprised of her multi-million X Factor deal and several endorsements.