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Two women finally got what they were searching for when they queued up for a U2 event in Toronto past summer: an intro into U2 fan culture. These are not at all your typical fans as these people came well in advance to see the Irish singers in concert.

Tami Falus and Dayna Shereck came before 2 days before the concert started. He told that he had this vision that everyone was going to be in line with guitar and drumsticks and singing and happy. The 2 women came with their video cameras and more than that a lot of patience. They were ready to capture their weekend as they waited for the doors to open. Both of them documented their experience in the movie General Admission: Layin’ It on the Line for U2.

The first time movie makers arrived on Saturday morning and snatched the first spots in the queue for their Monday performance. The very first day went quite smoothly, fitting Falus’ anticipations of the early birds, enjoying the music as well as chatting. In the next day, however, they went into an surprising problem: line politics.

Falus says that there were people who showed up who had done it time and time again. They considered themselves line leaders and it got a little political. She explained that they had specific systems to make the lineup smoother. They were trying to take the power and control and were not thrilled that Dayna and she were doing this without doing it before.

However, the experience of the line leaders came in useful when security at the Rogers Centre recoiled everyone off the property. In spite of being kicked off the property, Falus and Shereck did not rest. They revealed that they spent all night filming the experience before reaching at the official line opened.