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U2’s ‘Mothers of the Disappeared’ show in Chile

U2’s tour hit Chile capital Santiago in 1998’s February. It was the band’s very first concert in that South American country; and since several people could not afford the prices for the tickets; they took the decision to broadcast the event live on TV.

Augusto Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator, was still the army’s commander-in-chief, and the stadium the concert was arranged was actually used by his army as a prison camp following the coup d’état in 1973.

A large number of young men were killed in the coup, and the agony of their mother’s was immortalized Mothers of the Disappeared, U2’s 1987 song. As the whole nation was watching the event, U2 ended the event by asking the mourning mothers to join them on the stage and snaps of their kids and tell their names in microphone.

Before playing the track One, U2 lead singer Bono told the audience that they wanted to thank them for inviting them into this beautiful. They also wished them well for the future. But to go ahead in the future, you have to deal with the past at times.

Later, in an interview, Bono told that everyone in the stadium was not thrilled by this move. Audience was immediately divided. There were cheers, booing and hissing. Bono changed the lyrics of One. He left out the line: “It’s too late tonight to drag the past out into the light.”