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Man With Golf Club Trespasses At U2 Drummer’s House

An intruder armed with golf club has been taken to custody for allegedly trespassing at Larry Mullen’s house. The trespasser, with the name Gerard O’Neil, a resident of Orchid House in James Street, Dublin, did not appear for the court hearing scheduled to take place on January 7. Consequently, a bench warrant had been issued for his arrest and on January 10, he was brought before the District Court in Dublin, where he was taken to custody.

The 31-year-old trespasser appeared at Cloverhill District Court yesterday, where he was sentenced to 2 weeks of imprisonment by the Judge. He was convicted on October 19th last year, with the charge of intruding on the building’s curtilage at Claremont Lodge, located in Claremont Road, Howth. This was done to instigate fear in the minds of others. The suspected crime is opposing to the Section 13 of Criminal Justice Act.

The trespasser has been found guilty of another offence, having a golf club with the intention of intimidating or causing injury to two Guardai during their duty. This charge is connected with the section 9 of Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act. Gerard O’Neill had been previously granted bail in the proceedings, when the Guardai wanted directions from DPP.

On 7th January, the prosecuting Garda had told the District Court in Dublin that the court would decide for further DPP directions and charges. However, the defendant did not appear on that date. In an order issued in November, it was told to disclose all prosecution proof and evidence to his defense.