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Elevation rocks Downtown Disney

U2 have rooters all across the world. They have performed in around 187 nations, including in Bosnia, Bosnia and across most places in Europe. With a broad playlist from over a dozen albums which includes classics such as “With or Without You,” “Where the Streets Have No Name,” and “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” one might think that they were speaking about Bono as well as other band members of U2, the legendary Dublin based band.

But this is not the actual fact. This band is from Toronto in Canada and they are one of the best tribute bands of U2. The band’s name is Elevation. They play two times in a year in Disney’s Raglan Road Irish Pub with their most recent gig dates over Labor Day weekend at Disney’s Great Irish Hooley music festival previous week.

With the members of the same band performing together for eleven long years, Elevation is made up of lead singer Shawn Brady; lead guitarist Kevin Strom; bass guitarist Mick Barnard and drummer John “Mullet” Johnstone. They are scheduled to come back to Downtown Disney for a number of St. Patrick’s Day gigs in March, 2014.

For a lucky woman, it was really an unforgettable wedding ceremony, mainly after having U2 lead singer Bono perform in her honor. Bono was among 285 friends who witnessed investor Warren Buffet’s grand-daughter Emily Greenberg get wedded with Thomas Threlkeld last Friday evening in Omaha, Nebraska. Needless to update that it was not long before one of the friends posted the online on YouTube.