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Bono speaks about his Christian faith

Rock band U2’s lead singer Bono spoke openly regarding his faith in a recent chat with the resident of Focus on the Family Jim Daly. Bono told that when people tell that Jesus was a prophet or a really nice guy or a good teacher, this is not the way Jesus had taught himself.

He added that people left with a challenge – it is either Jesus was actually who he told he was, or he was a complete nut case. People have to make a choice on that. The U2 lead singer added that Christians must respect others, mainly those who does not carry the same beliefs.

He added that he believe was the son of God and he also also understands the fact that people need to be really very respectful to people who find this ridiculous and people who find this preposterous.

In the chat, Bono talked about his connection to biblical David and the value of being honest with the Almighty. Bono told that David is a musician and he is like him. What was very powerful regarding the Psalms are, and they were being songs of praise and gospel, they are also blues. It is really very important for Christian people to be honest with Almighty. He thinks that God is more interested in the person who you are compared to who you want to be.

Sometime, Christians criticized Bono for being too edgy at times.This time, the U2 member stated that people have to very careful that politeness and grace do not merge into a banality of behavior, where people were just nice, kind of ‘death by cupcake. Politeness is a beautiful thing. Manners are really important thing. But people must always remember, Jesus did not have manners as we now know.